Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Power of a Praying Mother

The world will never fully know what could have been and what has been the result of a praying mother. Soldiers have been protected and brought home safely to a loving wife and precious baby as the result of a praying mother. Daughters have been gifted with wisdom at the right moment because of a praying mother. A grandchild has been protected from a serious injury because of a praying mother.

More than once the simple cry from a praying mother’s lips have pierced through the evil chambers of hell and have rescued a drifting child. More than once a desperate child heeded the invitation to respond to a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. More than once a marriage has been saved, more than once a child has been healed, more than once a life has been changed because of a mother’s prayer.

Mother’s know how to hold on. Mother’s know how to plead; Mother’s know how to pray!

She may not flatter others with her charm, she may not wear the latest style, she may not attempt to popularity or success but she knows God! And that is all that matters.

Thanks Mom for praying.

Our tribute to Mother’s and may every day be Mother’s Day!

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