Monday, April 6, 2009

The Elements of Making it Through Hard Times

Making it through hard times brings out the strength and character of the committed and often brings anger and anxiety out in the lives of the desperate. The line has been marked clearly throughout the last few months as newspapers scream of the father who killed his children, the shooting rampage of three police officers because a man lost his job and the numerous suicides we don't even read about.

But there are those who trust in God, their relationship with God and their faith in God is becoming stronger each day. There has never been a miracle without a problem first. There has never been an answer without a question first. And there has never been God's power manifested without the weakness of men shown first.

Three elements come to the forefront during hard times. First, the secret power of divine relationship. They smile when the storm is brewing, they rejoice through the tempestuous, and they believe when all hell breaks out. Their heart beats softly even when their feet is put in the fire. Secondly, the deepness of love within the family. People draw near to each other when the outside world encroaches upon them. Thirdly, the presence of God seems to be stronger and more real to those who need Him most.

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