Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Giant Killers

Though the subject of Giant Killers is not a new one, the author, Steve Lawson, takes you through several amazing stories of individuals who have passed through insurmountable odds and have been notably, Giant Killers.
Beginning with the life of David and his sling, the original Giant Killer, you will listen, learn and grasp about the stamina and strength available to be a Giant Killer. You may be walking into unknown territory, facing age old giants or grasping for character qualities to embark on a new journey, Giant Killers is a spiritual growth book that will challenge you.
While reading Giant Killers I personally found answers to some nagging questions of personal doubt but Giant Killers are not muscular, large, ferocious men but men given totally to God, to trust Him beyond all fears.Stepping out while knowing God.
Discover how to overcome obstacles and to seize opportunities; learning five quality characteristics that are gleaned from the life of David and others illustrated throughout the book. Steve Lawson is transparent as he uncovers his own doubts, fears and struggles. He merges faith and practicality into our everyday lives. Life is not a combination of guessing and hoping but a direct combination of faith and character. You will be challenged, moved to decision making and directed in life's unpredictable circumstances.

This book was given me for a fair and honest review from BookLook Bloggers and HarperCollins Christian Publishing

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